Lionheart Radio Interview

January 29, 2010

At 7:30pm on January 26th 2010..  We steal flyers stepped into the Lionheart radio studio and took part in there first live radio interview together .

Lionheart Radio is a local community radio station based in Alnwick in Northumberland..  The DJ/Interviewer was none other than himself.. Mr.Paul Shucksmith.. who is a great supporter of live music and musicians.

The interview lasted 2 hours and involved We Steal Flyers playing 4 live tracks … which you can check out one of the videos from within the studio below..

The recording of the complete interview will be coming soon and should be available from our page very soon…

Thanks to all the emails and questions that came in ..  also hello to all of the new friends added to our myspace page and our mailing list ..

Our first gig is now approaching supporting none other than the brilliant Rod Clements .. “ex-lindisfarne member”..  at the renowned .. Rothbury Roots on Thursday the 28th of January..

We’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes.. and keeped ya eyes peeled for Derek and Shaggy popping up all over the world wide web and bars ‘n’ venues  near you!!

Thanks for stopping by once again!! WSF

We Steal Flyers are HERE!!

January 22, 2010

Helooooo and welcome to our humble little abode!!

..some of you already know and some of ya don’t, some of ya dont care and some of you were saying .. what the F**K ?? .. well here’s the deal just to let everybody in the know!!

We Steal Flyers - Busking in Newcastle

Derek and Shaggy have teamed up to become We Steal Flyers.

Derek needs to tour the UK and fill the year with music and Shaggy has everything it takes.

Two singers who write songs and love to play and both have guitars have been combined into a nice little bundle of music called We Steal Flyers.

Tv, radio, press, tours, all kinds of good things are on there way.
They’ve already booked there studio date and thier single will be recorded soon and released in May followed by the album and many ,many,many gigs…

they went into Newcastle in the rain and did a bit of busking for a little practice and to see how it would go… a song was filmed and can be found on the youtube WE STEAL FLYERS page …  HERE

MYSPACE PAGE is available HERE too….there will be everything else available soon.

Their first Live gig is at Rothbury Roots with Rod Clements on 28th of May.

In May they will be out playing songs that inspired them along with songs from their album…
They are both still playing a  solo gigs.
Shaggy is still playing with Stolen Tom.
Acoustic Magic will still remain busy as ever.

Songs will be on the page as they arrive… live songs and album tracks…

Never give up and happy everything… this is something to be a part of…

Let everyone know about WE STEAL FLYERS