She Says She Saw Benny Hill in Alnwick

April 20, 2010

YOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. well as you know were back from the studio and ready to get the tracks off for pressing… but while we were there…. we recorded loadsa bits of video and chucked it together with some Benny Hill Action and added a preview of one of the tracks to it all!!

So here it is!! “She Says, She Saw”

enjoy!! Shaggy n Derek!!

…. My Train Your Track

April 19, 2010

Well thats the recording all over and done with for now..  we managed to get six tracks down over the three days at Mill Studios. Heres the list of songs we recorded…


I Hurt

Our World

No Secret

Slow Lane

She says She Saw

…  you can jump over to our MYSPACE page and have a listen to a few of them right now… and the next thing to get done is the artwork and get it off for printing and pressing..   well be letting you know as soon as its available and I hope your as excited as we are…. WOHOOOO!!

What a weekend its been.. along with all the recording we managed to get to share the bill with mr Tom Hingley of the Inspiral Carpets and Chris Helme of the Seahorses in one night at the Best Western Roker Hotel in Sunderland…..  What a place and full of nice people.. especially Phil who kept us both juiced up with Shandypantz!! .. cheers phil!!

Anyhoooo .. the next adventure is on Wednesday… supporting the Quireboys @ The O2 academy in newcastle!!  Another belta of a gig…..   no rest for the wicked eh?

Keep an eye on the page for updates on the EP’s availability!!

Shaggy Cash  & Deg Dylan ..  😉


… Day 1 & 2 @ Mill studios

April 17, 2010

Yesterday was a bit hectic so sorry for the late update!!

But for those who dont already know We Steal Flyers are in the studio at the moment recording there EP/mini album .. @ mill studios in alnwick with mr.Ally Lee (im sure ive seen him on a film before..think it was called bigfoot & the hendersons or something like that… Good film!! well done ally..he seems to have more hair lately though..)

Friday kicked off with a bumpy drive to the land of NO McDonalds?? … Alnwick must be the only place that isnt allowed a peasant drive thru…

We got to the studio at 10am and cracked straight on with “Track” and “I Hurt” which were just about completed by the end of the day.. Derek even wrote a little ditty on his new found friendly instrument the Kalimba which ended up through out the whole track “I Hurt” ..   By the time the song was finished and derek had been plucking away at the little thing.. (Kalimba …not his own little thing) .. poor degs fingers were all blisters which rendered him useless for the rest of the day…  He solidered on and kept saying “Thats rock n rol for ya!!”  .. good man!!

We also dragged an old church organ into the studio which was left outside at the local tip and Ally blasted a few chords out on it over the same song.. unfortunatley some of te keys were missing so we only had limited amount of chords he could use…  came out good in the end though!!

Alltogether “Track” and “I Hurt” sound great and shaggys little choir boy harmonies are splattered all over them in true Allymaniac style!

Day 2

The second day and gits 11:30am and weve just about nailed the main parts for “No secret”..  Degs just been for the bacon sarnies while (me)shaggy gets the guitar part down…  nearly time for my spooky homo girlypants “oooooooooooooohhh oooooooooooweeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhh” ..  apparently ally says its called singing in Falcetto but I thought that was a kind of cheese…

Ally has shouted “PUMP ORGANNNNN!” which i thought he meant he had  a problem with flatulants…  but he had an idea for No secret.. so hes blatting away on the keys now!!

well thats it for now .. back to work.. and we’ll get some photos up later on so you can see whats been gannin on!!