Back from Switzerland!

Hey! this is the last blog update I will be doing, the rest will be done by Shaggy and Derek, so with that. Lets begin.

The last gig of Switzerland was to be played at the same place as the first! “The Legends pub” as usual once the guys started playing the place was full, this made for a great atmosphere for everyone. I’ve never seen such a small place buzzing with so many people. after the gig the owner Bill Weir took us for a meal, it was great! By about 2-3AM we headed back to the apartment that Bill was letting us use, knowing we had to be up at 6.00AM we went to sleep, Derek opted for the kitchen floor! not too sure why.
When morning came we went out for a final “Goodbye coffee” with Bill. after that we walked to the station, we got our tickets and climed aboard the train, about 2 hours into our journey a man told us we where on the wrong train! but was kind enough to keep us on as it was going to the same stops. Finaly! we had made it to the airport and were heading to security, knowing our luck we where stoped and had one of our bags checked. what did he find? “A tamborine, two pairs of hotel slippers, a clipboard, and a can of deodorant.” He took our deodorant… So with that done we finaly made to the plane for two hour ride, How fun.
This was a good chance to look back on all of the fun we had in Switzerland, and how muh I’ll miss it.
From the guys writing a new song on the train, to Derek sleeping on the kitchen floor. It was Great, even with our drunken “Sound-Guy” Rich it was a trip I will never forget. “Its not a train.” -Derek Allen, Jason Vare.

-Student Grant

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