Day 2-3 in Switzerland!

February 12, 2011

Day 2: on day two we where to head down to Zurich, after a fairly long drive with a guitar on my lap we had made it and started unloading the equipment from the car and began setting up in “The Oliver Twist pub” the crowd was great! Very eager to buy CDs and where loving the music. As the gig came to an end the guys signed some CDs for some buyers. Perfect night! All that was left was the drive back, poor Derek, we made him hold his guitar up front! he was practicaly attached to it! after we made it back to the hotel, we had some well deserved sleep.

Day 3:Engelberg! Yep, that’s where we where heading on day 3 the guys where to preform at the Dream Life bar Twice! So we had the chance to stay fir more than one day! The gig went great! A film crew came by after they had seen a “we steal flyers” poster, he was recoding for a ten year aniversary of the music festival! Even met a fan that had heard shag & derek on the radio! In all It was a pretty amazing night! Hoping for a crowd like that again!