Day one in switzerland.

February 10, 2011

Hey! I’m Grant and I’ve been acting as a diary-man Meaning I’ve had the chance to record all that the guys do, and pass it on to you guys!

Day one in Switzerland.

After a 3 hour train ride we had finaly made it and even if the last ride inspired the guys to write a new song! I’m not looking forward to the next! Once we got settled, we met up with “Bill” the owner of “The Legends” what a guy! The gig went very well and we sold a few CDs (great sucsess!)
After we where done and fed we headed down to Bill’s appartment to get some well deserved rest! The guys have been working very hard on the 100 gigs in 100 days! So show them some love!

Living Like Kings

May 8, 2010

This weekend We Steal Flyers are supporting Greg Griffin of proud mary .. for 3 dates of his tour … Last night was Danby castle in North Yorkshire.. Tonight were off to Red Row Brick club in Northumberland and then tomorrow night The Tyne Bar in Newcastle….

Danby Castle was a brilliant venue and definately a venue you need to drop into if your out and about in the middle of the wilderness looking for live music.. Great atmosphere and great people who all love music……… what a great start to the weekend… .

Heres a video of us playing “Track” in the castle!!


Hope to see some of you tongiht up at Red Row… Keep the music alive!!

Derek & Shaggy…. WE STEAL FLYERS


March 3, 2010

Well.. Last night was our Second gig as We Steal Flyers and as most of you already know.. it was at the O2 Academy supporting the absoultely amazing HAYSEED DIXIE & Ed TUDOR POLE ..

Thanks to everyone who turned out to show there support and make this one hell of an experience and to help the WSF story start to unfold! We couldnt do this without you all and were looking forward to some more great shows for you coming soon..

Heres some photos  from the night courtesy of Terry of Nocturnal Images who did a great job of shooting the whole show outfront and backstage! Oh and passing bottles of brown ale to hayseed when they were dry too !! haha

We’ve got a few festivals up our sleeves and maybe a couple of other special gigs with Special guests again coming soon so keep checking back.. and if you havent already.. get on our mailing list for all the upto date info and gigs coming up. Theres also lots more of photos up on our Facebook Fanpage HERE!

Thanks to everyone again for making last night what it was and giving WSF’s great memories to look back on!¬† …. it can only get better!!

…..We Steal Flyers……


February 25, 2010

On the 2nd of March .. We steal flyers will be performing there 2nd gig at the main stage in the O2 Academy supporting HAYSEED DIXIE & TENPOLE TUDOR.

Not a bad landing for our 2nd gig huh? ..

Its gona be an amazing experience and hopefully some of you will be along to join the ride!

Also Expect loadsa pictures and stuff popping up here after the gig so keep popping back!!

Wonder whats up dereks sleeve next…. MUHAHAHHAHAH!!