January 2012 “Switzerland Tour” It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

February 1, 2012

Hey! I’m back again, with more adventures from Narnia for you all to enjoy!

So after waking up and enjoying a few coffees we began getting ready for the first of the gigs.
The gig was played at Bill’s bar, the “Legends”. An hour and a coffee later Deg had re-stringed and tuned the guitar, ready for the gig, all hard work that I managed to set back when I tripped over the guitar and destroyed the tuner. Some time later me and Derek left to meet Shaggy at the Legends, lucky for us, it was snowing outside, making everything look beautiful, more like Narnia than ever. With our journey underway and oversized umbrella in hand, we noticed Margo drive by in the Sad-car, I’ve never been so relived in my life! “Finally we can get out of the cold.” I was shot down as she got out of the car and announced she was walking with us.
We made it to bills, with Derek sporting a snow filled beard and me, frozen to the core.
Soon after we warmed up and had a coffee the guys got the show on the road, playing two forty minuet sets for the people of Narnia.

We took a taxi back to bills pad and once again, pillaged his coffee supply before heading to bed.

I’ll leave you with a drawing by Derek, enjoy.



Yorkshire Tour & Brass Monkey Brewery

August 3, 2011

Well we are finally back from our mini Yorkshire tour and once again… It was amazing and one of the best so far! Massive thanks to Rich and Brass Monkey Brewery for making the Tour possible and making us more than welcome as always!

The tour kicked off 11 days ago and we landed at our first gig with a few hiccups to say the least but .. enough said about that the better we think.. lol..

From then though we kicked off the Thurstyfest 3 Festival on the saturday morning and the Rose & Crown sure know how to throw a festival!

Every gig from that point on was amazing and we had so much support though out yorkshire from the local press, to familiar faces and people travelling 100’s of miles to come to a show and of course rich and freinds and the Brass Monkey Brewery for sponsoring the whole tour.

We even managed to squeeze a day off in the middle and nip about and check out the scenery. We popped down to Holmfirth where they have the famous cafe from the TV series “Last of the summer wine” and travelled up to the beautiful Castle Hill for some great scenery and the fotos will be on the We Steal Flyers FACEBOOK page soon.

Well all that is left to do now is to nip down to the brewery for a weekend and create our “We Steal FLyers” beer for sale in bars down in the yorkshire area , which we cant wait for!

We’re returning to the Rose & Crown for the New Year Eve;s party to play some songs and party the next year in… and we cant wait!

What an amazing tour and thanks to every single one of you who made it special…

Shaggy n Derek!  http://www.westealflyers.co.uk

Heres a post in the Huddersfield Examiner about the Tour    “News report”

Day 2-3 in Switzerland!

February 12, 2011

Day 2: on day two we where to head down to Zurich, after a fairly long drive with a guitar on my lap we had made it and started unloading the equipment from the car and began setting up in “The Oliver Twist pub” the crowd was great! Very eager to buy CDs and where loving the music. As the gig came to an end the guys signed some CDs for some buyers. Perfect night! All that was left was the drive back, poor Derek, we made him hold his guitar up front! he was practicaly attached to it! after we made it back to the hotel, we had some well deserved sleep.

Day 3:Engelberg! Yep, that’s where we where heading on day 3 the guys where to preform at the Dream Life bar Twice! So we had the chance to stay fir more than one day! The gig went great! A film crew came by after they had seen a “we steal flyers” poster, he was recoding for a ten year aniversary of the music festival! Even met a fan that had heard shag & derek on the radio! In all It was a pretty amazing night! Hoping for a crowd like that again!

Day one in switzerland.

February 10, 2011

Hey! I’m Grant and I’ve been acting as a diary-man Meaning I’ve had the chance to record all that the guys do, and pass it on to you guys!

Day one in Switzerland.

After a 3 hour train ride we had finaly made it and even if the last ride inspired the guys to write a new song! I’m not looking forward to the next! Once we got settled, we met up with “Bill” the owner of “The Legends” what a guy! The gig went very well and we sold a few CDs (great sucsess!)
After we where done and fed we headed down to Bill’s appartment to get some well deserved rest! The guys have been working very hard on the 100 gigs in 100 days! So show them some love!

Living Like Kings

May 8, 2010

This weekend We Steal Flyers are supporting Greg Griffin of proud mary .. for 3 dates of his tour … Last night was Danby castle in North Yorkshire.. Tonight were off to Red Row Brick club in Northumberland and then tomorrow night The Tyne Bar in Newcastle….

Danby Castle was a brilliant venue and definately a venue you need to drop into if your out and about in the middle of the wilderness looking for live music.. Great atmosphere and great people who all love music……… what a great start to the weekend… .

Heres a video of us playing “Track” in the castle!!


Hope to see some of you tongiht up at Red Row… Keep the music alive!!

Derek & Shaggy…. WE STEAL FLYERS